Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Owen is walking now, but he's still very much into crawling since it's
the fastest and most stable method for him now. If he walks and someone
looks at him, he laughs and falls down! He says like 25 words and signs
a bunch, too. I'm 15wks pg now, doing just great! We had all of last
week off from school due to snow and ice--how wonderful to wake up to
Owen calling us each morning, waiting for us to come get him so we could
all snuggle in bed and read books! I got a little cabin fever-ish, so I
got out Shannon's trekking poles and put on my coveralls and ice-hiked
for about 75 min. each day. Owen definitely missed his buddies at the
baby-sitter's--when we pulled up Monday morning, he went bananas and
laughed and babbled like crazy!